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Dmitry Cheryasov

What I know

Technologies I know well

  • Python: since 1998; even wrote a commercial Python IDE.
  • Java: since 1999, on and off.
  • JavaScript: since 2005, client-side; Knockout, Angular.
  • SQL: Oracle (1996 to 2005), MySQL, Postgres, SQLite; interaction with ORMs.
  • Testing: unit tests (various frameworks), integration tests.
  • Source control: I prefer git but worked with a number of others, too.
  • Code review: I think it's an important part of the workflow, did it extensively since 2011.
  • Agile: has been on teams with various approaches to agile practices, kanban, etc.
  • Pair programming: since 1993, sparingly.

I prefer Linux on my machines; comfortable with the command line.

Technologies I know a bit

  • Haskell: understand key ideas (monads, etc); need more real-world experience.
  • Go: can be productive; need more real-world experience.
  • Erlang: understand key ideas; need to know more of the platform (OTP).
  • C: can read and understand.
  • HTML/CSS: know decently.
  • AWS services: worked with S3, EC2 and a few others (2011 to 2012).
  • Chef, Ansible, Saltstack: touched in various degrees.

I wish I had more time to also acquire deeper knowledge of Scala, F#, Clojure, Elm, Elixir, React, etc.

What I did

Handshake Corp (2016)

Helped further develop a flagship sales support application.

Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript; Postgres, Elasticsearch; Django; REST APIs for everything.

EPAM Systems (2011 to 2016)

A contractor at Google NYC developing a few internal tools. Working in close cooperation with the tools' users.

Java, Python, JavaScript; App Engine; MySQL; various types of RPC; Django, SQLAlchemy; Knockout, Angular; HTML/CSS. Heavy test coverage; strict code reviews.

JetBrains (2008 to 2011)

A key developer of PyCharm, a Python IDE, nearly from scratch to v1.2. Implemented parsing, name resolution, code completion, some code analysis and refactorings, some frameworks support.

Java, Python (most variants of it known to man). Heavy test coverage.

Yandex (2007)

Helped convert a billing system to Python. Implemented parts of input document parsing, data schema and validation, report generation. Also reworked the release and deployment pipeline for the project.

Oracle (SQL and PL/SQL), Python; SQLAlchemy; various types of RPC; HTML/CSS.

* Yandex is Russia's largest search engine.


  • Various jobs and gigs involving programming all the way back to 1992.
  • MD in Computer Engineering from Samara State Aerospace University, 1995.